Goose Gossage Voices Disdain for Brian Cashman After Spring Training Ban

Yankees’ pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training tomorrow, but the media is focused on comments made by a man who hasn’t taken the mound for the Yankees since 1989: Hall of Famer Goose Gossage.

In separate comments made to NJ Advance Media’s Brendan Kuty and the New York Daily News’ Amara Grautski and Mike Mazzeo, the 66-year-old took shots at general manager Brian Cashman in response to not inviting him to camp in Tampa as a special instructor.

“He would’ve been gone 10 years ago if George was still around,” Gossage said of Cashman to the NY Daily News. “He’d have been gone when he jumped out of that f–king airplane. Do you think he’s a good f–king baseball guy, really? He doesn’t believe in f–king coaching.”

Gossage told Kuty that he doesn’t “like Cashman,” and implied that Cashman would have been fired by late owner George Steinbrenner for skydiving in 2013.

“The Boss would have been on the ground waiting for him when he landed to fire him,” Gossage said, per Kuty. Gossage, of course, once referred to Steinbrenner as “the fat man upstairs” in 1982, so it would appear his opinion of The Boss has changed.

The comments are far from the first time that Gossage has stirred up controversy. He criticized how the team handled the small media circus surrounding prospect outfielder Clint Frazier‘s long hair prior to Spring Training in 2017. Outside of the Yankees organization, he called former Toronto Blue Jays right fielder José Bautista a “f–king disgrace to the game” in response to his dramatic bat flip against the Texas Rangers in the 2015 ALDS.

Gossage also criticized those who compared his performance to that of Mariano Rivera because Rivera, like most modern closers, only pitched one inning. “It’s totally different, so don’t even compare me here,” Gossage said to NJ Advance Media’s Randy Miller. “[Aroldis] Chapman’s great. [Rivera] was great … for one inning.”

Gossage appeared in 319 total games for the Yankees, pitching to a 2.14 ERA and 151 saves. He won his only world championship with the team in his first season in pinstripes in 1978. He was voted into the Hall Of Fame in 2008, getting 85.8% of the vote on his ninth ballot.

“You’d have to ask Cash what the deal is with him. I spoke my mind. But you can’t do that anymore,” Gossage said to the Daily News.

Per Jack Curry of the YES Network, “some of the former Yankees” who have been invited to be special Spring Training instructors are Ron Guidry, Willie Randolph, Tino Martinez, Mark Teixeira, Alfonso Soriano and Nick Swisher.

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