AP: Yankees Agree to Contracts With All Pre-Arb Players

The Yankees have agreed on non-guaranteed one-years deals with the 21 pre-arbitration players on their 40-man roster, according to a report by the Associated Press. The deals have split salaries, with one amount for MLB play and the other for MiLB play.

Aaron Judge, understandably, received the largest raise in this class of players. His salary jumped by $62,000 to $684,300 for 2019, assuming he plays the entirety of the season in the major leagues (he will).

Judge heads the list of players eligible for arbitration for the first time in 2020, with Gary Sánchez, Chad Green, Jordan Montgomery and Jonathan Holder getting their final pre-arbitration salaries as follows:

  • Judge: $684,300 ($311,150 in minors)
  • Sánchez: $669,800 ($310,200 in minors)
  • Green: $598,650 ($285,400 in minors)
  • Montgomery: $596,600 ($290,225 in minors)
  • Holder: $580,300 ($262,947 in minors)

The Yankees have many other players who will remain pre-arbitration players going forward because of their service time situations:

The good news for the Yankees and the players is that all involved agreed to their contracts. There were no outright renewals, which tends to sow distrust as players continue on through the arbitration process. We’ve seen how that affects certain players, especially since certain teams hit players with thousands of dollars in penalties should they not agree to the salary.

It seems the minor league salary is just calculated as a multiple of the number of years a player has spent on the 40-man roster. Harvey is the new guy, while guys like Abreu, Acevedo and Estrada are making exactly double his number.

These deals are non-guaranteed, meaning the Yankees could release any of these players and only be on the hook for a fraction of the money. I don’t see that happening with any of the players on the list at this point, however.

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